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Saturday, February 25, 2006

Abuse of power in the Ministry for children and family development

Dear Readers:
If you have seen my other blog at http://pinkcobra.blogspot.com/ then you are aware of my situation. It has come to my attention that we are not the only family being harassed by this particular social worker. The fact that one person has been given so much power is wrong. I agree that there are children that need to be protected from their parents, but the current methods are wrong and need to be changed.

For example:

-The complaint process is set up that if you have a concern about the way you have been treated by the social worker, you must first complain to the team leader (with the social worker present). The complaint meeting is treated more like a file review. In my case, I was told that there had been a lot of positive feedback on my file. I was told that almost all the concerns had been addressed and that the file would most likely be closed in a month. How many people hearing that would proceed to make a complaint? I did, and the meeting was cut short in the middle of an example I was asked to give of how this social worker had been rude. I was told that another meeting would be scheduled to continue airing my concerns....that was months ago.

-The decision to remove is made between the social worker and the team leader. There should be more people involved in the decision, to prevent lack of objectivity.

-There are no written warnings to the parents that state the concerns of the social worker and steps that could be taken.

-A social worker is not required to provide you with any warrant or legal document stating that they have the authority to remove the child

-A parent does not have the right to be given the reasons for removal at the time of removal, they have to wait one week until the presentation hearing to know why their child was taken

-At the presentation hearing, The social worker presents his/her case. The social worker states the reasons for removal and alternatives that were considered.The parent does not have the opportunity to present their case. The parent may only agree, or disagree with the reasons for removal

-The court then issues an interim custody order. It may:

*return the child to parent with no terms or conditions attached
*return the child to parent under the supervision of the ministry
*order that the child remains in the care of the ministry

(my question here is how is the court supposed to make the best decision for the child here when they only get one side of the story)

-After the presentation hearing a case conference is arranged between the judge, the lawyers for both sides, the social worker, the parents and advocate if applicable. I'm not entirely sure how long it takes to arrange this meeting, so I won't speculate.

-There is no advocate available currently that assists with the mcfd, unless you are diagnosed or self identify as a person with a mental disability. So if you don't know your rights, there is no one to stop the social worker from pushing you around

I believe that these issues (above) are wrong and need to be changed. Abuse is wrong. If a child is being abused, they should be removed from the home. But the parents should not find their child being ripped out of their home and the law stacked against them.


Blogger crystal said...

oh my god, some one who understands!!! I have been sitting hear all day researching the ministry thinking someone has to be going through what i am. My night mare started in Jan with this child protection worker who i would later relize would distroy my family first removing my spouse from the home to to a investagation of spouse abuse. when i refused to tell her what she wanted to hear because it was not true she told me i was minamizing the issue's at hand and ordered me to go to family violence project. removing my spouse has cause extream hardship on my family mentaly and phys. we played the game but she kept ading more and more stuff. Every time I asked for him to come home she would say the investagation was not over. We lost all our savings to his hotel rooms, my children lost all stability in the home. I work 12 hour shifts and live 2.5 miles from the bus i was being drained in every aspect. We bagged and pleaded there had to be another way then dividing the family. I filed a complant and by the sounds of it got the same as you. April 9 i had enought told my spouse to come home. They took the kids the next day. I work hard for my children, never hit them abused them degrade them, they are my life, im lost with out them. andf i have a felling im going to get the same run a round, no light at the end of the tunell no end. they should be called the ministry of take your children and destroy your family. I would love to talk further with you

7:44 PM  
Blogger fuctova said...

You mean to tell me that I'm not the only one getting screwed by MCFD? There is strength in numbers. The social workers (tho they never seem so be very social or do any actual work. I'm trying to start a support/education/networking, bitch fest. To help us all share our experiences, support each other and be better equiped to handle MCFD. If anyone is interested please drop me a line at larayates@shaw.ca.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Abuse of Power said...

I have been severely abused by the MCFD in Prince George because I grew up in their care. I was a real bad ass as a teenager because I spent my teenage years in a group home, which I consider to to be an extremely emotionally abusive environment. Now as an adult I have lost 2 of my children to the system, although I have never abused or neglected them in any way. I consider myself to be a good law abiding citizen, but it is now hard for me to find a job and I am not alolowed to see my kids because i have an adult criminal record for assaulting an MCFD worker that Accused me of being mentally incompetent because I was on medication for depression. The reason why i got depressed was because they tricked me into opening up a protection file on myself by bribing me with free daycare. Then they refused to close my file. I am now pregnant again and I am scared that they will play the child snatching nazi role with me again even though my boyfriend thinks they'll leave me alone because i am not doing anything wrong. We can't afford to move, so I am stuck in PG and living in fear. I am in counselling right now because I have suffered so much emotional trauma from being involved with MCFD. I hope my 2 sons are ok. I thought that Canada was supposed to be a free country not a dictatorship run by these abusers of power. The kind of treatment I have gotten from MCFD should be illegal.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Tara Bennett said...

thank god im not alone. im going thru the same thingn i got my daughter taken away because of mcfd twice and when i had my son mcfd came into my hospital room and grabbed him out of my arms and didnt say why. he was 4 days old. that day we had court to fight to get our daughter back.because my daughter was in care my son has to be in care too. then after mcfd put a custody order in place which was my kids were with me but in the mcfds care. that was over in december. at the time me and my boyfriend decided together that i move so i could have them with me. now im being told that i could get them taken away again cause my boyfriend came by to see me and the kids i didnt think it was a problem cause the order was over. my boyfriend not violent and is not abusive .i love my kids to death there my world i cant imagine not having them with me. love my boyfriend and this is hurting us. mcfd is destroying our family. we done everythng they asked. there still harassing us.

8:48 PM  
Blogger seantrish said...

we would like you to look at our video we are in desperate need of help as we are going through this pain you describe with mcfd and thought we were alone

11:36 AM  
Blogger Samir Gebara said...


Not long ago, a friend of mine who lives in Alberta decided to write to all Alberta MLAs. Guess what? He received replies from all but six. Nearly every MLA wanted to thank him for writing. No complaints; just good old plain discourse. What a difference between the real people in Alberta and some of the habitual whiners we have nesting in BC’s legislature. Please don’t misunderstand me - the majority of you probably do an admiral job, but some of you just couldn’t care less and that’s why the Ministry of Children and Family Development has developed into a state unto its own - above the law. The sad part is, some of your own constituents have had difficulties with the MCFD, and you can’t help them or you refuse to help them. The Ministry’s Iron Curtain of all things judicial is always wrapped so quickly and tightly, you don’t stand a chance. Even though you are a minister of the crown, you have no authority to question the alarming treatment British Columbia families are subjected to by certain employees in the MCFD. “Sorry, can’t talk to you; the matter is before the courts.” Balderdash and using that word is being far too kind.
Do you realize what you have created? I say “you” because you really did create this method of torture affecting thousands of innocent British Columbians. Well let me say this: If the people of this province knew what certain individuals in the Ministry of Children and Family Development were up to, the premier and all Liberal MLAs would be thrown out on their ears. As it is, the whole bloody lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves but at this point I’m not going to blame all of you or Members of the NDP. Wait a minute, does that make me a socialist? Hell no, I voted for Gordon Campbell’s Liberals, and I’m still a card carrying member of the Social Credit Party. The next time ‘round I might look at the NDP. By your continued silence and remoteness, you hectic Liberal MLAs have condoned every crime committed by the MCFD. Conveniently, you have forgotten every past terrible government decree dealing with children.
Only twenty three of you decided to reply after I wrote mentioning serious policy problems exist within the MCFD, and certain individuals working for that ministry are vindictive and immoral. Many of you who did respond didn’t want to discuss what I call the “Gestapo Ministry.” Some of you were actually upset that I wasn’t a member of your constituency. Listen here those of you who actually believe you’re better than anyone else … you represent all British Columbians not just the people that sign cheques when you run your campaigns. Get into the real world for goodness sake. Why should I have to bring major MCFD flaws to your attention? If you had been doing your job properly you would know full well many thousands of British Columbians are thoroughly upset and are demanding policy and employee changes within that ministry. You won’t read or hear about it in our so-called media and Mr. Campbell and Mr. Christensen won’t tell you about the amount of mail they receive, but you’ll get your eyes opened when you review the fury taking place throughout the communities in British Columbia, on the Internet and on undisclosed personal sites. All over British Columbia a steadily growing list of decent citizens meet daily to discuss their disappearing children. They can’t ask where their children are or why they were taken away. They cannot speed up the intentionally slow MCFD and court processes, and their phone calls go unanswered. If parents do get through to their social workers, the answer is usually, “We’re not going there today.” In other words keep your mouth shut.
These are parents who wrote to MLAs for help but you didn’t do anything. You know you’ve had complaints - don’t say you haven’t. Are you listening? You know you’ve had them. Decent hard-working BC parents plead daily for your help and you look the other way rather than assist them in getting their children back. Well now don’t you feel proud of yourselves? I’ll bet you do. You should feel ashamed.
Whether you participate or not, constructive changes must take place within that ministry and these changes cannot start until the premier places someone who cares in the minister’s seat. Someone who can recognize the existence of elusive MCFD crime and moves instantly to obliterate it. Wow, strong words, eh? If the truth were known many, many people working for the MCFD would be jailed for conspiracy in all things immoral. Presently, Tom Christensen ignores and waves away verbal complaints, refuses to reply to letters of concerned parents, and by his lack of interest seems to have absolutely no idea what is going on within his ministry. He’s like an ostrich - what he can’t see won’t hurt him. The whole government appears to be this way when it comes down to matters concerning the MCFD. I seriously wonder what Tom Christensen does during the day. The news I receive from the other side of his ministry’s iron curtain is that he hides behind his rose-coloured glasses shaking hands at as many photo-ops as possible. Nothing else. In my humble opinion Minister Tom Christensen met the Peter Principle long ago. Why the premier allows this never-never land charade to continue I’ll never know. It must be that Minister Christensen doesn’t rock the boat. Well as MLAs you know the MCFD boat doesn’t just need rocking, it needs a total refit.
Hiding behind that same “untouchable wall of secrecy and caginess” sits an army of highly paid toffee-nosed civil servants well aware they don’t have to answer to ministers of the crown or for that matter God Himself. Yes, you created this predicament, and what a predicament it is. Just what did the people of this province do to deserve such a travesty of justice? They elected you, that’s what they did. You should not listen to the phrase, “The matter is before the courts!” ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES AND FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO CHILDREN OF YOUR CONSTITUENTS. THAT’S YOUR JOB! FILES CAN BE WITHDRAWN FROM THE COURTS AT ANY TIME! YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT!
I would imagine it started with the idiom, “Better to be safe than be sorry.” In other words, be cautious rather than take a risk.” Hey, I agree with that. When it comes to the welfare of children we must be cautious. You bet, and that’s what this ministry is supposed to be all about. But it isn’t. It has turned into a totalitarian meat grinder with over-paid outside and inside lawyers and money-spinning overused psychiatrists, and psychologists saying, “Yes, sir, Massa, you tell us what you want us to say and we’ll find a way to hide and keep those kids, Massa.”
Do these bottom feeders support the social workers who constantly complain they are overworked and need more staff? You bet they do. When asked to write impartial assessment reports, these so-called professional psychiatrists and psychologists are fed every made up story, innuendo and lie the MCFD has in its files. Now isn’t that just bloody lovely; talk about the fox trying to secure the chicken coop. Do I have to tell you how those assessment reports turn out? As for the ministry’s well-paid lawyers … Ah, those lawyers. These lawyers know the judges so well they recognize the certain twitches, out of place eye movements, thumping pen actions, a variety of throat clearing sounds, and probably the brand name stamped on the judges’ golf balls. It’s become a mutual admiration society. The judges know they have major responsibility towards the parents cowering in front of them with their begging bowls at the high port, but as far as they are concerned man-made judicial processes must come before the passing and awareness of any actual facts or common sense. As well, the judges know the MCFD lawyers standing in front of them must know what’s best because they’re wearing finer garments.
So what happens after children have been legally kidnapped? This is what happens. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, I don’t wish to hear from you - I wish to hear from your lawyer. What’s that … you don’t have a lawyer? Oh, you can’t afford one. Well, Mr. Smith, get a legal aid lawyer. Meanwhile your children will remain in custody. Next case.”
“But Your Honour, I need to know where my children are? This is the first time they’ve been away from home. My wife is crying her eyes out. All I want to know is where they…”
“Uh, of course you do. But, er, we won’t worry about that right now. Get yourself a lawyer, Mr. Jones.”
In the next case when a worried parent questions a social worker who continuously lies, the judge states, “I’m not going to listen to this. I refuse to hear the character of a social worker being torn down.”
What is going on in this province? Social Workers don’t lie? Maybe the majority of them don’t, but hordes do. Parents are being treated like slaves by judges, social workers, and hired government lawyers who behave like the goose-stepping baboons we had to eradicate sixty-some-odd years ago. And when concerned citizens write to the Attorney General, their last bastion of hope, nothing happens. No, let me rephrase that - their letters get sent to Tom Christensen. Talk about connivance. Writing to the premier doesn’t help either; he passes the letters along to Tom Christensen as well and then writes back wishing you the best.
I often wonder what Tom Christensen does with all those tearstained letters from the majority of parents WHO HAVEN’T DONE ONE THING TO HURT THEIR CHILDREN OR PUT THEM IN DANGER. Parents whose children were picked up and taken away, and who haven’t been told where they are or why their children have been in custody for years. Parents who contemplate suicide or commit suicide because the pain of losing their children is just too traumatic. Parents and family relatives who will never recover from the agonizing distress of losing their children. And what about the children being yanked away from loving homes and do not know why? Their terror is beyond belief. What about the children who have been abused by foster parents, social workers and other children in supposed care? Don’t give me the malarkey that this is the best system possible. It’s the worst system possible. It mirrors Stalinist thinking. Without displaying any sign of understanding children are being ripped away from their parents for absolutely no reason whatsoever, and you look the other way, saying, “There’s nothing I can do.” Well thank goodness I haven’t got high blood pressure. Just thinking about this legal kidnapping and your lack of compassion gets me furious.
Now it takes a while to get a legal aid lawyer because legal aid lawyers don’t grow on trees. But when a legal aid lawyer is obtained, he is usually a fellow that has numerous MCFD cases on the go just to complete with the remuneration his non-legal-aid friend makes in a much shorter period. When he goes to bed at night he kneels and prays that the MCFD gets another increase in its budget, or that he receives more cases. In all the cases I’ve seen, I’ve yet to see one of these guys stand up to a judge. Maybe some of them try, but from what I’ve seen it just isn’t done. The game isn’t played that way. Judges make certain when it comes to matters where children have been snatched by rogue members of the MCFD, that MCFD lawyers rule, and those lawyers are controlled by the social workers and their team leaders’ and even the team leaders’ supervisors, right up the line. In court, legal aid lawyers should be seen but not heard. And when they do manage to get a word in, the judge usually waves it aside. Remember, only highly paid MCFD lawyers make sense; everyone else, including parents aren’t aware of the facts. That’s right, and you know why they’re not aware don’t you? No one has told them what is happening.
Now for some untold reason it appears only poor to lower middle class people are the ones who require legal aid lawyers when dealing with the MCFD. Oh I’m certain there are MCFD snatchings at the higher end of the wage scale as well, but the majority of those children are usually released very swiftly after well paid and well dressed lawyers confidently and aloofly assure the judges that everything is fine and then put the social workers in their place. That simply isn’t done at the other end of the scale. Certain social workers guarantee justice isn’t done at all. Government approved crime starts when children are legally kidnapped, placed in foster homes and every effort is made to ensure parents and family members know nothing, see nothing, say nothing, do nothing and are treated like mushrooms until mountains of phoney paperwork, phoney psychiatric reports, and phoney physiological reports are completed. Add to this family counselling and whatever else the MCFD demands. Time flies when you are not having fun and when dealing with the MCFD court dates decide when matters are discussed. Judges set cases aside for three months, followed by another three months, followed by another three months or whatever and from what I can see these judges show no remorse whatsoever. Reason: these are not their children. Parents are not told where their children are or who is looking after them, and are told not to try and find them. They are also told that when they see their children they will not show any feelings or emotion whatsoever. The children are told this as well. “Do not ask your children where they live! Do not pass them notes! Do not ask them about their lives! In other words, Mrs. Jones, you’re just seeing your children, nothing else. There will be no emotion whatsoever! If you break these rules, and if you keep rocking the boat, you may never see your children again. Do you understand me, Mrs. Jones; if you rock the boat, you may not see your children again - is that clear?” On the other side of MCFD’s iron curtain children are told if they rock the boat they will be drugged. That’s another story we’ll cover in a moment.
When parents are with their children for an hour or two a week at a place run by an outfit called Tin Harbour, employees of that agency ensure MCFD rules are never broken. Every child is watched and so are the parents. In 99% of the cases, parents are never allowed to be alone with their children. As I stated earlier, the MCDF kidnapping system is so dreadful and thorough, it mirrors the Gestapo actions in Germany. From the top of the ministry to the bottom, all employees work on the basis of secrecy. And I mean all employees. The smugness of these employees is beyond belief. Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m certain there are decent hard-working social workers and others in the MCFD, but under this structure it is damned hard to find them. People within that ministry operate like robots, and you dear MLAs put up with it. These people kidnap children 365 days a year; yes even days before Christmas.
Unfortunately members of the various police forces are also involved with this arrangement. Police policies work along with MCFD policies. Isn’t that just the icing on the cake? I have seen RCMP members take out their guns to stop enraged parents simply trying to find out what was going on. I’ve seen parents thrown to the sidewalk trying to enquire where their children were going. Parents have been arrested and strip searched just because they found out where their children were and parked near the house to pray or just to see their kids. These parents knew they shouldn’t be near the place, but do you know what it’s like when you lose your children? Do you really know what it is like? You see, parents can’t ask the MCFD what caused them to kidnap their children; maybe way down the road they might be told but only after these parents walk the gauntlet of phoney assessment reports and court delays. It’s possible the neighbour across the street phoned the police or the MCFD and surreptitiously mentioned something that they saw and took it totally out of place. It doesn’t have to be serious. You know, from the very start I’ve often wondered how many MCFD employees make certain they keep their jobs at the expense of traumatized children and parents; probably enough that would make normal people who are not as hard as you MLAs want to cry. But these aren’t your kids so why would you need to worry.
Now let’s get on the homophobia part of this letter. Homophobic is a really big word. It refers to someone being afraid of homosexuality, or supposedly describes differing prejudice and discrimination against gays and lesbians. Am I homophobic? No. Do I hang around with homosexuals? No. Do I know any homosexuals? Yes. Are they decent people? Like straight people some are, some are not. Do I believe homosexuals should work with young children? Yes I guess so, but not people with paedophilic tendencies.
What about the twelve year old boy in care and his social worker indiscriminately touched him and tried to hug him. They boy complained to someone who complained to the RCMP and shortly thereafter the whole matter was brushed under the rug. Was the boy drugged afterward? Yes, and he was told by his foster mother that it just didn’t happen and he’d better get it out of his mind, and quickly. The boy had to agree. I don’t have to mention this because I’m certain thousands of children have been sexually abused while in care and I’m certain the abusers are straight and homosexual. In the courtroom a judge asked a social worker in question if he was homosexual and he proudly stated, “Yes, Your Honour.” Of course he denied the boy’s allegations and the man still works for the MCFD. How many others of his ilk work for the MCFD? What about the straight guy with an eye for young girls? Is he a pedophile? Hell, I don’t know. You’re the MLA; find out by turning your neck in the direction of Mr. Christensen and ask him how many children are sexually abused each year while in care. What matters is these children are going from the fire to the furnace, or in most cases from the penthouse to the ---- house.
The paint on prisons turnstiles is worn out from the number of children who have been abused while in care. Many of these children grow up to become institutionalized and spend their whole life is prison. Why? Because untrained social workers looking for work decided to rip them from their loving parents and placed them in foster homes, that’s why. And children are not supposed to be taken unless they are in danger. What about social workers who take kids and those social workers have never visited the child’s home, never spoken with the child’s parents, never spoken with the child’s relatives, never spoken with the child’s friends and neighbours, and never visited the child’s school. It just doesn’t make sense what is going on. From what I’ve seen, mixing well-mannered kids together with similar-aged ruffians in foster homes is not the answer. It’s an invitation to an upcoming nightmare. Common sense just doesn’t find itself around this ministry.
And what about foster parents who live a marriage of convenience? Whoa, Nelly, this is really opening up a Pandora’s Box isn’t it? Only Mr. Christensen is qualified to discuss this one with you. Now I’m beginning to understand why he doesn’t reply to letters or phone calls. Two young First Nations children once complained that their foster father liked bathing the boys and the foster mother only bathed the girls. Under no circumstances would the foster mother bathe the boys, and vice-versa. I could go into it deeper but it is bloody sickening. Needless to say both children got yanked in one hell of a hurry and placed back with their real mother. Native kids are open prey for rogue members of the MCFD, and in many decisions concerning Native children, judges appear to lack common sense. Try and get the list of parents who have committed suicide after going out of their minds from losing their children. I’m not going to discuss the loss of children both Native and otherwise. That’s for you to catch up on.
Is there a better way? Certainly there is. Any system is better than the present one. Parents should be called in and be counselled before their children are apprehended. And these children shouldn’t be touched unless they are heard. Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (which Canada has agreed to) gives children the right to freely express their views directly or through a representative in any proceedings that affect them. Article 12 also gives children the right to be heard in any judicial and administrative proceedings that affect them.” Do judges or social workers advise the children or parents about this? Hell no.
Not that long ago noted psychologist Dr. Tana Dineen was asked to attend a convention of the Provincial Court Judges’ Association held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Here’s what she said: “It is with honour that I have this opportunity to address such a distinguished audience. The topic I was given for today's luncheon is the question: Are we manufacturing victims? The short answer is yes and simply put …” Dr. Dineen presented Judicial Scepticism - Judging Psychology and Psychologists. Her message to the assembly exclaimed: (1) Psychology is an industry masquerading as a profession; (2) Psychology is aggressively targeting the judicial and legal systems as growth markets for its services; (3) The current business formula of the psychological trade is person equals victim equals patient equals profit; (4) Trusting psychologists is so dangerous to the Justice System that judicial scepticism is not only warranted but urgently needed!
In other words, the MCFD is using these continuous psychological and psychiatric reports as delaying tactics and a means of creating work. This is deviousness at its best and sooner or later it must stop.
Taking children away from their parents should be the last move in a long, long, long, long, list of stipulations. Also many of these children are taken away because their parents are turned down for welfare, or their welfare is turned off. Interesting, eh what? Let me ask you knowledgeable MLAs a very simple question? Why do foster parents with one child receive the same amount as a father of five does when he’s on welfare? Think about that if you will. I’m not saying anyone is on the take, I’m just asking you to think about it. I’m also not saying any of these psychiatrists or psychologists or lawyers are giving kickbacks. Another method would be to place the children that are unsafe with a family member or trusted friend. Under the present system children are just yanked away and family members are not contacted. Now if no one wants the children then at least one more effort must be made to save the situation, and then the parents must not be kept in the dark, and that goes for the children as well. Get the children out of the system as soon as possible. And if that means sticking a thumbtack on the judges’ chair so be it.
I know a family who plays charades, monopoly, and chess after supper. They watch Jeopardy together, the kids wrestle with their dad, listen to music, build model planes and cars, and the family gets around the kitchen table and talks about the day’s activities. Each night mom and dad assist their children with homework problems. They go ice skating as a family, swimming as a family to the movies as a family, hiking as a family and the mother of the home helps the children deliver newspapers. That isn’t good enough for the MCFD. They sent a Gestapo employee to the house and everyone sat around the kitchen table painting rocks to ensure family cohesion. There could be no complaints otherwise the kids would be taken again. Why were the kids taken in the first place? Because dad is full of arthritis and they lost their house lease in Surrey. The parents scraped up enough cash to find a cheap farm in Aldergrove but it took three truckloads to move the furniture and the parents left their boys aged twelve (nearly thirteen) and ten (nearly eleven) on their own while they moved the third truckload. These boys were unloading boxes when the police got involved and the Gestapo arrived.
Secrecy must be removed from the MCFD. All parents are citizens and should be treated with total respect. The toffee-nosed employees of this ministry must be made to pull in their horns and not be so bloody arrogant. Who in the hell do these people think they are?
Presently employees in the MCFD are tripping over themselves. Boy, they’re going to hate me for saying that. Everyone in that ministry must bow to the east ten times a day thanking old man Parkinson for coming up with his law. Parkinson’s Law runs wild in the MCFD.
Well, you get the gist I hope. I say again - decent employees of that ministry know who they are. I wouldn’t walk across the street to stop the others from drowning. Now your job is to straighten out this bloody mess and to fully understand that the phrase, “Stay out of it; the matter is before the courts,” means nothing. Give your constituents the pleasure of your company. Isn’t that why they elected you? Or did the judges elect you? A lot of people are crying out there.
I’ll be writing more on this subject if nothing is done about this horrible situation ruining the lives of many British Columbians.
JH Aitken

10:20 PM  
Blogger bipolar_love said...

Im a father, currently undergoing the same shit, for lack of better words. my fiance and i have been together for nearly two years, and have been a very loving couple from the beginning. we dont do drugs. i have never done drugs. caitlin on the other hand did drugs a few years back, before we knew eachother. i did have a few drinks here and there, but never did it get to the point where the police were involved. we dont hit, or get violent. but in the report that was made about both caity and i, says that we are both domestically violent, and we use drugs and alcohol on a regular basis. it also says that our home is very untidy and unsanitary. the S/W also said in the report that we have not made any adequat means for the care of an infant. granted we live in a one bedroom. but our home was always clean. yes we own two cats, but our daughter lives in a foster home right now with on cat and one dog. the S/W also says that we both have many mental health issues, and that we have not followed through with any mental health aptms.within the last year or so. when our daughter was taken, we told the s/w to take all drug testing possible, and do crim record checks on the both of us. we also asked for them to do a mental health assessment, to rule out the domestic violence. my daughter is almost 3 months now, and we both live in surrey. we have also gone to the media about our situation and it got out there but thats not enough considering it is only a local surrey leader. i have been looking for ppl who have dealt with the same thing that we are. i am trying to recruit as many ppl(which is hopefully alot) to have a public protest downtown vancouver. if you can attend this event, and for those on this blog who are dealing with the same thing i would like you to be extra spokes persons for this protest. if you would like to contact me further for more info, contact me at: bipolar_love@hotmail.com
nathaniel postma on facebook or
gothpimp1 on youtube. there you can see videos i have posted about our situation.

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Blogger bipolar_love said...

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Blogger Martina said...

Thank your for starting this blog. We are all in a different situation with the ministry but what comes apparent is their blatend abuse of power in the name of child protection. We as parents are being portraied as incompetent participants in their operation. Any information we give to them is not taken seriously. In my case it seemed they just wanted to let me talk but they never listened. I could avoid them having to take my children but I had to take them to court so my husband could move back into the house. Not all families can afford a lawyer. This one was not paid by legal aid since the children were not removed. It is good to hear other families stories, but if even politicians are not interested to touch this "hot iron" where else is there to turn? My case is finally closed after two years of delay taktics on the ministries part but I am still holding supervisors accountable and I still want questions answered. I called the Ombudsman in BC and he will have a look at my situation, but unfortunately as so many of you stated the ministry has this cloak of invincibility and they legislature for them is so vague that there is no way to challenge them other than changing the system. My heart goes out to all of you.

9:55 AM  
Blogger Joseph said...

Yes I am or was a victim of MCFD as I grew up in care, my child if I so choose can be a victim. 77% of all children in care are aboriginal due to lack if positive parental ability and I choose not to play the game. I go and find support services yet my battle boils dowm to the land question
If I choose to return to my ancetreal land or portion thereof, I have a say.
I realize that attacks to my parental ability are to seperate my clild from his link to the land
or his inherent right to his land.
Reserves and classifications over status/non status divert us from the real question of ownership of the LAND as parents our CHOICE is OVER WHICH CULTURE I ENDORSE. BC IS ABORIGINAL LAND except for the cities and parks Best interest of the child I think not. Best intrest of BC yes and others pay the price.
Joe Roberts

7:43 PM  
Blogger yourstory said...

http://www.abusive-ministry.ca/ Sign on and tell your story.

Also check out http://www.youtube.com/user/abusiveministry

And http://www.pa-pa.ca/

And http://www.CanadaCourtWatch.com/

We are not alone get your story out there... post it to the forum. Make videos post them on youtube. The more of us that do it. The sooner we bring the corupt MCFD workers and their corrupt RCMP drones with them.

Together we are stronger then one family.
Together we can make a change.
Don't let them terrorize you.
Stop the abuse!

12:24 AM  
Blogger yourstory said...

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12:25 AM  
Blogger moma bear said...

I'm a 36 yr old, widowed mother of 4. I work in long term care and live for my babies. I came home from Christmas holidays to a violent home invasion. the ministry decided somehow I must be responsible for the attack and swooped in and KIDNAPPED 2 of my 4 children.why only 2 ...I dont know, however my six yr old has congenital heart disease and has had 5 heart surgeries. the ministry put her in a foster home where the dad smokes. this is healthy and safe for her according to them. I asked why they removed my children and Freda and Jacklyn ( social workers) first response was... my home isn't safe....so I installed 24hr survalance and secured my doors with new dead bolt locks, also moved my older big brother in. I told the ministry of my safety measures and they stated that obviously my home isnt safe if i had to go to those measures...REALLY? they say I'm a good mom but I'm not aloud to see my babies. the distress this has put my daughters under is un remarkable... especially my little one with heart disease. they took my little one to the Dr. and the dr. told the social worker that this is not good for my little one ....but apparently the social workers are more educated then the Dr.s.......BEWARE single moms ...if you are attacked in a crime DONT call cops....u will loose ur children......The minstry has far to much power leading them to believe the are god. KAMLOOPS, B.C.

9:45 PM  
Blogger cookie monster said...

im 16 (and the step in second parent of my mothers house wen needed) and over christmas holiday my familys home had been invated..and then the day after the ministry took my lil sisters ...saying the home is unsafe....then y was i left ..and y was my whole family tore apart like this ...to top it all off one of my lil sisters has chd..as writen in mama bears comment...and the home they placed her in has no clue about chd or sighns of heart failer so my mother confinced the socail worker that i need to be with my sisters ...thus i was put with my sisters ...and the past 2 days have been really hard on her heart due to stress....my question is...wut kind of an idiot hiers such a power craveing freak....there head is shuffed so far up there own ass they need to remove it and wipe the shit from there eyes just to get a clear view. and thats just the jist of it

10:06 PM  
Blogger Shirley said...

The MCFD is a joke... They enjoy going around harassing people, and most people when you tell your story, think "Well there must be something to it, or they never would have investigated you in the first place..." I say BS. Any disgruntled neighbor or ex can call and they are all over you like a dirty shirt. Currently my partner's son is in ministry care because in the words of the social worker "she needs control", she takes access when she loses control. She doesn't care about the child or his safety, just her precious "control". At our last meeting she stated "I was going to put my personal issues aside and consider the best interests of the child" - while her teamleader was sitting right there, Um excuse me aren't you as a professional person always supposed to be considering the "best interests of the child".
Our complaint ... another joke, it has been two months since we submitted the complaint and had the ok to go to level 2. Have we heard anything, no and when we call we have to continually apologize for the length of the complaint. The guy says things like, this is a lot to go through... blah blah blah. Finally we can complain to the ombudsman, who know what that will bring.
Oh and just to let any of you skeptics know, when my partner is with his son, his condition is he is not allowed to leave him in anyone's care. 100% percent in his care all the time.... Wow doesn't that tell you no one, not even the woman who calls herself a social worker can bring herself to admit the boy is in any harm when he is with his dad... In actuality if my partner and his ex had killed their son, they would have more rights, and I bet even if they were guilty their ordeal would be over.

The social workers have no accountability for what they say and do, and then have the nerve to go on the News and cry about under-funding. I have news, you would have lots of money if you did your jobs and help families, instead of playing games to exercise you power over ordinary people. Tear families apart and in the case of my partner have a child in care for 3 years, pay for his daycare, sports etc... even though you admit he is in no danger when he is with his father.

2:20 PM  
Blogger scott said...

My family was completely abused by the ministry. My mother who worked for the ministry whom i had always trusted, stupid me had made numerous false reports to the ministry as she wanted my children to be hers. She used her friends in the ministry to get her dirty work done for her. There was no abuse except by her on my children trying to convice them that they should live with her from as far back as they remember. She made one report after another, I was starving my children, there was no food in the house, i locked my children out of the house, i made the children work all day, i was doing drugs, i was a drug dealer, i physically abused them, you name it she claimed it. The ministry kept visitng the schools and my home and nothing was ever found wrong. SHe finally said that i beat my middle child and i got a call saying the children were being removed they were coming to get them and who in my family could take them. I had not known it was my mother making all these accusations at the time and I called her all upset and she was already on her way to my house. THey of course being her friends contacted her to come and get them. THe cousnellors the brought in to the situation all said my mohter was the one abusing the children, it was not us. The after hour social workers caught her lying and yet I then was not allowed to even call my children. I had emails my mother sent to people saying she wanted to start a family of her own and hated me. It took 3 months to get y 7 year old back who by then had gained over 30 pound and was extremely overweight. My middle child who was 14 came back after 5 months as she caught my mother lying and realized what had been going on. SHe was threatened by my mother that she was not allowed to leave. Turns out she started doing drugs at my mothers house. THen my mother started reports that my oldest was being sexually abused when she visited and that I wanted to watch her having sex with her boyfriend. THe nightmare continued. THe social worker who screwed up to begin with ended up on a leave of absense, the ministry made her as they realized there was a BIG mistake made. But that never helped me get my children back. IT was a huge fight and my mother threatened my oldest one continuoulsy. THe police were called on my mother for abuse numerous times but of course the ministry did NOTHING. My middle child was so abused she ended up being on heroine and when we got her back we had to let her go again to rehab facilities. My story is long and this just touches the surface. Trying to sue the ministry i spent close to $30,000 and could get no where. THey did admit they made a BIG mistake however they would not rectify it. My oldest one finally got away from my mother when she was pregnant and found paper work that my mother was again getting her friends in the ministry to help her with as she was going to go for custody of my daughters unborn baby. At one point prior to her leaving there were emails my mother wrote that she was going to leave the country with my daughter. We contcted the airports, borders and got her passport cancelled and there was an alert out for my mother in case she tried to leave the country. The hurt and anger I have is HUGE and I feel for anyone in this situation. The ministry is not doing thier job properly at all and many people and children are suffering because of it. We now have all the children and grandchild with us but the hurt and anger are still affecting us as well as our children.

8:53 PM  
Blogger arlinlisa said...

The Baynes Familiy in Surrey BC
CTV news you can view on utube suffered because MCFD accused them of shaking their baby Judge rulled not the case still fighting them. The Baynes dealt with Bruce Mcniel the Frazier regional office I have to I wasn't accused of shaking my baby I was acccused of being unfit I wonder how many parents have suffered becasue of false allegations? The problem is there is no where for us to go, accept keep tracking corrupt MCFD and hope there is a reform I am on facebook Lisa Arlin just look for the No MCFD symbol lots of good informaiton on my page and what you got to know is that you aren't allone! We need enough people to say the MCFD falsely accused me before the ombudsman even agrees to review such complaints!

4:48 PM  
Blogger arlinlisa said...

The Baynes Familiy in Surrey BC
CTV news,and you can view on utube! They suffered because MCFD accused them of shaking their baby Judge rulled not the case! However they are still fighting them. The Baynes dealt with Bruce Mcniel the Frazier regional office, I have to I wasn't accused of shaking my baby I was acccused of being unfit! I wonder how many parents have suffered becasue of false allegations? I wonder how many neglect or abuse reports are intentially false by mcfd? I guarantee that when ever a child is apprehended the evidence is never substatiated but the question remains where do parents go like the Baynes family and me who have been falsely accused of child neglect or abuse?

The problem is there is no where for us to go, accept keep tracking corrupt MCFD! I am on facebook Lisa Arlin just look for the No MCFD symbol lots of good informaiton on my page and what you got to know is that you aren't allone! The hardest thing is when you are falsely accused of child negelect or abuse no one belives you and it why is it so hard to prove we need more people to come forword so the ombudsman reviews it so please keep posting espeically if this happened to you in British Columbia! Lisa Arlin

4:53 PM  
Blogger arlinlisa said...

The Baynes Familiy in Surrey BC
CTV news you can view on utube suffered because MCFD accused them of shaking their baby Judge rulled not the case! How ever they are still fighting them. The Baynes dealt with Bruce Mcniel the Frazier regional office I have to I wasn't accused of shaking my baby I was acccused of being unfit I wonder how many parents have suffered becasue of false allegations? The problem is there is no where for us to go, accept keep tracking corrupt MCFD and get enough cases complaints fowrworded to the Ombudsman. I am on facebook Lisa Arlin just look for the No MCFD symbol lots of good informaiton on my page and what you got to know is that you aren't allone! The hardest thing when you are falsely accused is no one belives you and it is so hard to prove so not fair!

4:56 PM  
Blogger Symfani said...

I have dealt with MCFD myself. I gave custody to my son's grandfather only to find out he was the one who called in on me and also got my son's dad to do so as well. It's been two years since I dealt witn MCFD and now they are back because my ex is harassing me again like he was doing before as well. My son is in the care of his abussive grandfather and father. I can do nothing but watch my son miss me and be abused. I know others are going through the same thing, to think it can be worse for others. It disturbs me to think my son hasn't had a allergy test as he is suppose to. He doesn't eat enough and also should have been tested for Iron defiency. Sadly my son was taken in the hospital because a lacking of understanding and listening from the nurse lead to that situation. I wasn't suppose to be giving so much drugs. Instead they drugged me good and well enough to stop me from moving after birth for a few hours to say I neglected my son. I can say if I were able to move I would have and I tried but got yelled at for doing so. My son's father slept all day and did nothing. How is that my fault? Not to mention my son is allergic to milk as I was and still am. His illness was neglected and was the statement the doctor gave to the foster parent. The child doctor said to give my son lactose free formula and not to give him any dairy until at least 2 years old. Foster parent ignored the doctor and fed my son milk formula from birth and yogurt at 4 months. I was outraged at her ignorance of doctor's orders. I was also suppose to get a rhogram in the hospital because of the lack of knowledge of my son's dad's blood type. Sadly I found all this out when I had my daughter that I could have hemorrhaged during birth because of my lack of blood cells. Thus why needles make me sick and I get dizzy. I could have also had a reaction based on blood types because I didn't know my son's or my son's dad's blood type. I could have died in that hospital but no doctor or nurse gave a shit. Only the recent Hospital I attended pay attetion to that detail, important detail. Though many nurses were bad in both hospitals at least the second time the doctor listened to me. you can add yourself to my group on facebook. Feel free to express feelings and situations. We must stand together at some point to stop this!

1:29 AM  
Blogger Symfani said...

My Facebook group is the following "MCFD, CPS and DCF workers are WRONG!"
That group is for the expression of situations and feelings.

1:46 AM  
Blogger ParentsFalselyaccusedbyMCFD said...

I am a survivor of abusive mcfd i know i am not a lone but i know what it means to feel u are alone and how much it hurts to be seperated from your children and you are so very much on your own. I used to be a ver y mean and angry person i really didnt like my sel very mu ch since i lost custody i lost my self it was like i couldnt exs ist with out my children was pretty much living on skid row and i k now what it is like to lo loose everything and loose to some one who is just fucked up. The mcfd is fuck ed up to really bad they dont carr whom your children are placed with as long as people say they will them it make mcfd job more easier. I know what it is like to be accused of neglect or child abuse because peopl e say all this shit and lies about you and éven if it isnt true there is nothing you can do about it you have this ugly mark on your permanate recor like a bad scare a harsh reminder you have to live with every day of your life. I could bare ly function i was suffering because of mcfd abusive ministry i just refused to lettre anyone no it. I didnt want the mcfd to know it i worked so hard to prove them wrong and i did but nothing would ever brunhes my children back. I becam e life les s my sons father killed him self my famil y wont believe me they believe the mcfd. That is what mcfd dose suck you dry suk your life from out of you until your in a mental instatution beca idée that is the ministrys job. The gove says children have the rights to be protected éventuel if that means parents have to suffer abusive cps ministry for children and famil y devel opement. No it dose certainly not there is no excuse for government to abuse any person we have that right. I am where i am in my life because i said enough f u and f the mcfd. So many lives are being destroyed peop le r turning to drugs or worse bec ause of mcfd anysetiers instead of G od some left on the str eets disregarded as part of thier comu nity. It is very sad how ever if you and i pull to gether jeep writing our stor y the government will realize what the mcfd is really doing behind that whïte picke t fence and neat litt le foster homes it can all be so disturbing the government dosent see the mcfd abusing children or an yone like you and me. I am a survivor i will fight against abusive ministry i personally seen them being abusive i know im not alone so i tell my story that it may touch some one and bring change wont you have the corage to share your story and say enough?

12:14 AM  
Blogger ParentsFalselyaccusedbyMCFD said...

Stop CPS Abuse Against Families
CPS Abuse causes far more pain than visible abuse. It is devastating when you are abused by child protection services. It is estimated about 3 million incidents of cps abuse are not reported, and families are left to suffer in silence. It is our children who suffer, and whiteness their parents when they are abused by the Ministry for Children and this abuse will continue if we don’t do anything about it!
MCFD abuse is hard to fight, as it is often hidden from the public eye; it is hard to prove! The government says that children have the right to be protected from harm However there is no excuse for when families suffer abuse, it dose exist it is real. If you were abused by the Ministry for Children and Families you aren’t alone! Stand up and speak out against abuse by the Ministry for children and families tell your story, and raise awareness so MCFD can’t hurt anymore families!

Keep posting your stories one story at a time and we will stop abusive ministry!

6:59 PM  
Blogger MCFDINJUSTICE said...

Mcfd injustice on face book is my current running page

9:19 PM  
Blogger MCFDINJUSTICE said...

Mcfd injustice on face book is my current running page

9:20 PM  
Blogger nansi jones said...


9:46 PM  
Blogger MCFDINJUSTICE said...

MCFD represents our children we demand the! same representation and equal oppotrinity before the law our consent is treated as not required yes it is and we demand if we give our consent to MCFD we are entitled by law to revoke it at any time not just MCFD to make that decision. we demand that any time MCFD has co orsed or forced mothers to give up their consent that MCFD are accountable and we mothers are compensated

12:56 PM  
Blogger MCFDhasfailed said...

Please help! MCFD has ruined my friends family! They have been wonderful foster parents to these lovely children for 7yrs and in the process of adopting their little girl whom they had since she was a baby out of the hospital. All three girls that they had in care were all sisters. The two eldest 10 & 7 are part of the ministry, the 2yr old is not. Now to begin with the nightmare...few months back the foster dad has allegations towards him of sexual assault by a 17yr old girl who has went ahead with charges. This 17yr old who is laying charges is mad at the world because her twin sister wrote her off along with their mom because of unstability and deeper issues. The 'good' sister left home to be with these wonderful foster parents. This is where the grudge has started and these horrible accusations. The MCFD has now stepped in to take away the two older girls and place them in new homes. The baby still remains as they were in the process of adopting her and she isn't part of ministry. Also I should add right from the start of the foster dad being charged he is not allowed to live in his home. Visititations by supervision only! Now as of today...just got word that if she wants her husband back in the home she will have to give her baby up to the ministry....they are going to lose everything!!! Their once happy family is torn apart! Now when courts are done and the dad is not found guilty...they still don't have a leg to stand on and will never get her back again. Because.,,,,(and this is the part I don't get) according to the child act and legislation if not found guilty there is still grounds that he is high risk because of allegations! Huhhhhhhh.... ????? WTH? I've personally spoke with their child care worker and asked how that was possible to accuse someone after beating it in courts can still be labeled 'high risk'? She had no answer, she gave me an example of the OJ Simpson case! ??? For one, this is Canada and OJ prosecutors and police were all corrupted! What a joke!
So now we are stuck, no where to turn, and questions unanswered. And a broken up family! What can we do? Where/who can help us to get this family back together again! HELP PLEASE! :,(

7:56 PM  
Blogger Canadian Dude said...

If the school offers to send your kid to counselling or see the school counsellor DO NOT AGREE TO IT.

We endured 14 months of perpetual counselling for no reason other than the kid went to a new school with a new stepdad. Caused the kid to want to disown her mother and have the counsellor be her mother...

And when we told the counsellors that due to this we would not be returning her to counselling they called the MCFD on us and now they are investigating us.

We voluntarily put her in counselling because we thought it might help with the adjustment, but after nearly two years and 900 hours of counselling for no reason we thought enough was enough.

How nice of them to sick MCFD on our ass simply because we gave them negative feedback when they called and asked our opinion on their services.

8:43 PM  

We would like you all to check out our blog at http://www.socialworkersexposed.blogspot.com

We are naming social workers and posting pics.

We are trying to get the site bigger so please join. Anyone who needs help with MCFD please email socialworkersexposed@gmail.com

8:16 PM  
Blogger alex desmarais said...

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11:28 AM  
Blogger alex desmarais said...

well in reality i spent most of my life in the ministry. i was starved beaten, sexually abused,burnt on purpose, thrown down stairs, i lived in my own fecal matter. but i dont sit around and bitch about it. if you want somthing done you do it. if there is no organization to help support people whith these problems with the ministry, then make one! dont wait for it to just happen. work for it. create a non proffit buisneuss plan, or even a profit one, if its nescicary, and creat a group to suport the needs of thoes abused in the ministry. youll get old and die befor sombody helps you out.so help yourselfe. so you can help eachother

11:29 AM  

Please post on socialworkersexposed.blogspot.com

6:23 PM  

To Abuse of Power, I too am from Prince George, can you email me at socialworkersexposed@gmail.com as I wish to talk to you, I think we may know each other personally, I too grew up in Care in Prince George. Would love to connect.


6:26 PM  

To Abuse of Power, I too am from Prince George, can you email me at socialworkersexposed@gmail.com as I wish to talk to you, I think we may know each other personally, I too grew up in Care in Prince George. Would love to connect.


6:27 PM  

To Abuse of Power, I too am from Prince George, can you email me at socialworkersexposed@gmail.com as I wish to talk to you, I think we may know each other personally, I too grew up in Care in Prince George. Would love to connect.


6:27 PM  
Blogger alex desmarais said...

I am not from price George

11:47 PM  
Blogger alex desmarais said...

I am not from price George

11:51 PM  
Blogger madmom said...

As much as I appreciate that I am not the only person who feels that abuse of power is in play, I need to know how to fight this. An anonymous call has lead to my 17- yes 17 year old being told that I have confessed to drug use, lied to social workers and bragged how easy it was, and paperwork ready for me to sign her over to a temporary home. I agreed to be tested, go to counselling, whatever was necessary - never heard back from the ministry - now they accuse me of being uncooperative. I need to know how to fight these ridiculous allegations

1:29 AM  
Blogger MCFD justice is coming! said...

Hi my name is Lisa Arlin I fought the MCFD from 1996 until 2013 my child was removed based on allegations and because I was a women fleeing from abuse. It has been my expierience that the complaints office and process is a waste of time and completely useless. I have had to go to all levels of court and government doing so changed nothing! Since then I have been a volunteer with the Elizabeth Fry Soiety for 12 years and got training and a certificate to be an advocate through the Newton Advocacy group. I ak currently a student at Vancouver Community college so I have some how managed to get past my grief. I realized no protest or petiton or complaint to the ombudsman is going to change anything. When your child is removed by MCFD as a parent you have no rights even if the child protection concerns about you are false. Parents have turned to the media and press but still thier voices fall on deaf ears. What can you do when MCFD stops your visits ajdntells the Juge you canclled to many and adoption is more important than you having visits? The Ministry dose not follow policy or follow through with plans of care Mary Ellen Tourpal La fond acknowledged this so what does this mean to parents when the Ministry is do what ever they want and can get away with they are never accountable! The dont rmove children for thier protection they remove them for profit if they didnt remove them for profit then return them to thier parents when they prove them selves. I am now the main orginizer of a class action against the MCFD they are aware of it and know justice is coming and they can expect us because we are taking back our power and we will have our voices herd MCFD get your dirty claws off our kids! If you want to join this class action please contact
or MCFD unjustifed on facebook
Lisa Arlin Advocate
For parents who's children are and were in care

1:18 PM  
Blogger Martina Derstroff said...

all the power to you. My husband and I avoided removal of our children by living separately for almost 2 years until we took the ministry to court and all this bull*** was stopped by the judge. I feel for you all.

2:14 PM  
Blogger kat0993 said...

omg i have been throught this crap with mcfd since 2004...i have been let down from my comunities and them...i have taken parenting courses through the years for children without disabilities my kids have M.I.D (mild intelectaul retardation IQ is under 70) but we haev only known for our daughter since 2011 and our son 2013..they have told me and my husband that its our parenting skills..we had the ministry take our 2 kids from there school in 2009 i was there with PAC was devastated we found out they were trying to charge us with copral punishment (witch they had no prof)i was told in the principals office after the director told me that someone in the community has phoned us in the school councler came in and said it was her who had called us in and they both told me to think of it this way as if its a extended holiday both kids were gone 6months and scared there going to do it again...we put our son back into care under the special needs agreeement for the last 3yrs to get him the help and our family in dealing with our kids behavours....in the 3yrs the only thing the minisrty has done for him is his IQ test nothing more...in the 1st year we had 5 social workers and 3 foster homes we have had this worker for 2yrs now and thinks that we are unfit parents that my husband is a brick wall and im a jelly fish and no one in the middle to consitantly parenting our kids...she asked me if she could hug me after all her her telling me how i dont know how to parent and never did answer her and she did...theres more but there going to take my kids again but i have been abused by 2 ministry offices with 2 horiable social workers one minute im doing fine and once her boss gets demoted and a new one is in shit hits the fan and my family has to suffer..when is this going to stop we are not abusing our kids and love them...we have lawyered up and my parents as we are trying to adopted them out to them to get rid of the ministry so our kids can have a normal life...we wont see them much as they live 8hrs away from us but got to do what we gotta do..well im just tired of this garbage

5:34 PM  
Blogger kat0993 said...

omg i have been throught this crap with mcfd since 2004...i have been let down from my comunities and them...i have taken parenting courses through the years for children without disabilities my kids have M.I.D (mild intelectaul retardation IQ is under 70) but we haev only known for our daughter since 2011 and our son 2013..they have told me and my husband that its our parenting skills..we had the ministry take our 2 kids from there school in 2009 i was there with PAC was devastated we found out they were trying to charge us with copral punishment (witch they had no prof)i was told in the principals office after the director told me that someone in the community has phoned us in the school councler came in and said it was her who had called us in and they both told me to think of it this way as if its a extended holiday both kids were gone 6months and scared there going to do it again...we put our son back into care under the special needs agreeement for the last 3yrs to get him the help and our family in dealing with our kids behavours....in the 3yrs the only thing the minisrty has done for him is his IQ test nothing more...in the 1st year we had 5 social workers and 3 foster homes we have had this worker for 2yrs now and thinks that we are unfit parents that my husband is a brick wall and im a jelly fish and no one in the middle to consitantly parenting our kids...she asked me if she could hug me after all her her telling me how i dont know how to parent and never did answer her and she did...theres more but there going to take my kids again but i have been abused by 2 ministry offices with 2 horiable social workers one minute im doing fine and once her boss gets demoted and a new one is in shit hits the fan and my family has to suffer..when is this going to stop we are not abusing our kids and love them...we have lawyered up and my parents as we are trying to adopted them out to them to get rid of the ministry so our kids can have a normal life...we wont see them much as they live 8hrs away from us but got to do what we gotta do..well im just tired of this garbage

5:35 PM  
Blogger Jeff B said...

Hello everyone, please go to my website to hear my terrible ongoing saga with the ministry of children and foster care development.



6:16 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...


(I apologize if I inadvertently repeat anything here; it's hard not to! Thank God I found your site, which will enable me to get this out to the world. I have only omitted mine and my son's name, for the time being, anyway). I have all documents mentioned, and more. I have been waiting almost three years to tell my story.

On the morning of December 19, 2014, social workers Heather Stewart and Cory Stancombe knocked on our door; I had been brushing my teeth while my son was on the computer. They immediately began interrogating us over my son's alleged "sexualized behaviours" and my "paranoia." I was almost speechless; who were these people? And why were they accusing my ten-year old of these heinous things, to his face? yelling at him. We were absolutely shocked.

9:42 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

They then demanded to interview my son privately, and I could hear them upstairs asking leading to him like: "Is there anything wrong? Is there something you want to tell us? You look sad. Is there something making you sad?" etc. He told them repeatedly he was fine; they then reported this in the Presentation as "(he) did not make any disclosures."

The Presentation document also refers to our "possible homelessness" which is most peculiar given the fact that we've been living comfortably in a nice house since December 1st! Just my son, myself and our cat. In fact, they've visited us here twice yet insist we might "possibly be homeless" which defies the laws of physics, for one thing.

They conclude their unbelievable account by taking issue with my refusal to sign a document that maligns and denigrates both myself and my son. I said to them: "I won't sign that! I'll see you in court!" to which they were literally taken aback; they assumed I'd sign it! They also state in their report that "when broached with the subject of possibly removing (son) from (father's) care, (father) advised 'well do what you have to do then.' Another misrepresentation, I said: "You do what you have to do, and I'll do what I have to do," meaning, I cannot control you, or tell you what to do, but I do have integrity, and have a choice over what I do, and I refuse to lie or agree to malicious untruths about my son, what parent would? That's when their mask slipped, briefly, but sufficiently.

They also stated in the Presentation that "community professionals have suggested to father that son be referred to Child and Youth Mental Health for Assessment and support" but this is a complete lie; no-one has suggested anything of the kind; in fact, they did not contact any of my son's caregivers - his former teacher and his current two after school workers - even though they asked for their names and numbers which I willingly gave.

The report mentions "the reports of the child's behaviours" though no such reports exist - not in the last two and a half years anyway - and "the lack of ability to manage the child's behaviours" even though my son's report cards have been very good since we moved to here two and a half years ago, with no mention whatsoever of any such behaviour, none they can produce on paper, at any rate. A hatchet job on a ten year old.

9:44 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

Why would they lie? To cover their previous lies. Because they can. I'm sure they forgot the original reason long ago. The heavy, strange language they use against my 10-year old sounds frankly, more like how a man might accuse or snarl, or threaten, bark, the diction, the words, violent words in fact:

"(he) continues to exhibit extremely concerning behaviour which includes inappropriate touching of other children and peeping under bathroom stalls; self-abusive behaviours such as running into walls and crashing onto the ground head first; physically threatening other children; inappropriate social behaviours such as asking children if they have raped their girlfriends; making references to killing babies; and drawing violent pictures (guns and swastikas) and sexualized pictures (penis pictures)." It's absolutely sickening! My God. It's like a mantra and the claims about bathroom stalls is lifted almost word-for-word from a previous, scurrilous report from three years ago in Victoria that was thrown out by Judge Blake in a Case Conference, 13 March, 2012, Court File Number 17985. As for drawings of "penises," ah, ladies, those are tank turrets." Cause my son's really into tanks right now, which you would be aware of, were you a parent, which you're not.

same wording and imagery, highly charged and highly sexual: kinda like BDSM or something. Very disturbing. I don't know where these comments originate from but they are EVIL and the ONLY remedy is top GO PUBLIC because it isn't slander if it's true and you can prove it; I can. So bring it on, anyone who derides my son with slander. Everyone's listening.

9:45 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

My son has been examined by two pediatricians, the first of whom, Dr. Jane Patricia Starre Cassie, wrote, on August 1st, 2011: "(He) says school is too boring... he learned to read with very little instruction and can read Chapter books. He has a good sense of humour. He can already do multiplication and can do sums rapidly in his head... he is very creative and likes to draw. At home he plays on the computer. he has a lot of interests including sport. He has been playing soccer. He has no problems with sleep.. his appetite is good..." on and on. Diane Fownes did not like that, not one bit so ordered yet another assessment be done, this time by Dr. Steven Kent, who on Feb. 29th 2012 reported his colleague's Dr. Cassie's mentioning "she felt he presented as a hyperactive but gifted boy. On follow up, reports are that he has settled well into his new grade and academically is progressing quite satisfactorily. Behaviour is much better at school and there has been no problems in other areas like home or soccer..." etc. one of whom deemed him a "gifted" child; Chantelle Whitty, who used expressive therapy techniques in conjunction with Cognitive-behavioural Therapy noted that my Son "presented as confident and self-assured... he would talk in-depth... about his relationship with his father in a positive light" and that "there has been a significant change in (Son's) behaviour" in her succinct and precise Termination Summary dated Mar. 26th.

These people seem intent on institutionalizing us, regardless of consequences, regardless of reality. "Intake" reminds one of some kind of wedge-shaped sorting mechanism capturing and shuffling hapless families onto a darkened, human treadmill hidden somewhere beneath.

When I contacted my son's previous school principal and his after school caregivers - all of them denied saying any such thing about him. In fact, in his most recent report card - last month - his teacher reported him to be "a quiet and intelligent student." A Grade Three report says: "It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to work with (Son) during this term. (Son) is an enthusiastic learner and polite to those around him. He tries his best, listens to feedback and respects the teachers in the room most of the time. He has many friends and loves to share his stories..."

Are we talking about the same child? Even though I've provided M.C.F.D. with a plethora of positive, often glowing recent reports regarding my son, especially from his Principal last year and his wonderful teacher, they still creepily insist he's some kind of sexual predator, with language that is disturbing and really, really strange, you know? Weird. Like an incantation or something. Kind of... diabolical, grandiose.

9:47 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

Some of this might have originated from disgruntled former teacher miffed he was changing schools so abuptly, or that he missed so much school in November (due to my fractured ribs: documented with Doctor's x-ray/examination) and December (because we were moving, which we explained). Could someone be upset because they feel we snubbed them? Who knows. I know for a fact one report came from my sister who thought we were "homeless" (which we never were) and a well-meaning social worker who was worried about us, but meant well. The third complaint - the one with all the almost demonically sexual language was tacked on, I think, maybe as a sort of Child Protection Report of Opportunity, with wording and imagery that is highly charged and highly sexual: kinda like extreme BDSM or something. Very disturbing.

The ONLY remedy is top go public because it isn't slander if it's true; like as a journalist friend of mine replied when I asked him why he wasn't intimidated by disclosing the secrets of the powerful; "just get the story out; it'll take care of itself" since of course, if you're telling the truth, it will all be corroborated, eventually. There are so many people involved at different times and places and types of involvement, only I can know and tell the truth about all of them, as i have done. They can't do that.

Someone must stand to account, and I certainly am not going to keep the secrets of the very people trying to harm myself and my son! For goodness sake!

I'm sure a certain Judge Blake (especially livid at their contention my son had "criminal tendencies?" which his voice raised into shouted question that echoed unanswered by a stunned Fownes)will be very impressed when the Ministry now claims "the order expired September 13, 2012. Mark moved with his son to Vancouver during the term of the Supervision Order unbeknownst to the Director."

There are two lies here:

(1) the Supervision Order actually expired on April 30th as directed by Judge Blake, court file number 17985 and;

(2) they must have known we were leaving; after all Teri Wickes had sent them a completely spurious and utterly fictional
Child protection report on June 4th as stipulated by Elizabeth Erskine.

9:49 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

Strangely enough, I don't think they even really care about my son, one way or the other, because he's beside the point, he's just a vehicle for what they do.

Once you're in their sights, they just keep after you, because that's what they do, and they say bad things because they are supposed to find bad people and you'll fit the bill just fine. It makes no difference to them who you actually are; getting upset is pointless. Even though, yes, they are like the Borg Hivemind resistance isn't futile, if you have the Truth on your side, as well as allies, people who know your kid well. They slander, deride, malign and denigrate families on a routine basis. You just happen to be there, and there are claims that people have apparently said things, and apparently that's enough! Nothing personal. Good Lord.

Because this Ministry attracts two kinds of social workers - the kind ones who really want to help you, and the others, the predators, attracted by the target-rich environment and high pay after relatively little post-secondary training. Nobody wants to talk about this, to face it, account for it, document it, identify it. It's endemic to the whole system, another kind of vice some people are drawn to, get to play with people's lives, for the sport of it, maybe, but mostly for the control, I think. Psychopathy with a pension plan.

I'm hardly going to discredit my own son with lies I know to be untrue! Good grief. It's very creepy when they don

9:50 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

't understand, can't grasp this. it boggles the mind.

Unfortunately, I've dealt with people like this before. they reveal themselves by assuming that everyone else lies like they do so they therefore lie openly, not realizing that good people don't do this, not necessarily just because it's unethical and ruins your reputation and integrity and is in our own best interest since in the end the truth will out, but because it's the right thing to do, something which is to them is quaint and pointless. Good people respect the truth and understand it's power; the people my son and I are dealing with now know but disregard it, since it has no value to them, which of course becomes the seed of their downfall; when the truth is finally out, their trail is revealed, their path and direction, their sinister intent.

In terms of schools actively colluding with M.C.F.D. in order to get parents in line and families institutionalized, I have a skeleton to reveal from Wickes closet, a hitherto secret email from a social worker at M.C.F.D., Elizabeth Erskine, dated November 19, 2012, informing me that even though my son had been de-designated in March of 2012 by the District Counsellor, Helen Lennie; to wit:

"Lennie, Helen
Wickes, Teri Lennie, Helen
Apr 13, 2012
April 13 2012

(Father) we feel that (Son) does not meet the criteria for Intensive Behaviour Designation" therefore we will be de-designating him

Hope all is well with the two of you

Helen Lennie

District #61"

9:51 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

Despite knowing this ^ as far back as April, Wickes filed a Child Protection Report on June 4th, 2012 "regarding your son,(Son). The report primarily contained information regarding (your Son's) challenging behaviour at his then school, Sir James Douglas. The report also comments that you minimize these concerns.

I subsequently assessed the report and have determined that it does not contain any new information regarding your son that requires a ministry investigation. Therefore, the report has been closed and no further action will be taken."

Elizabeth Erskine

9:52 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

So.. I'd like to know why my son, whose file was closed by Judge Blake's order on April 30 and was de-designated the same month by a School District #61 - is then suddenly the subject of a new Child Protection Report just two months later... originating from Sir James Douglas! And therefore Teri Wickes, who would be ultimately responsible for such an email but would have no way of knowing I knew this. It was her school; she has to take responsibility. And to think up til now I just let it slide... can't stay angry forever, etc... blah... blah. But Vancouver versions of what we encountered in Victoria have surfaced to once again try and do what they do best: spit venom.

At least last time he really was having problems at school, I admitted that (even though they persistently said I would not accept advice, after obligingly sitting through eight "counseling sessions," which were alright, for what it was worth, I suppose. I passed! Got a clean bill of health, psychologically speaking, in writing. My son did not like school and for good reason; he was bored and treated badly, lied about, looked down on and accused of things he never did. The way he was treated did not break his spirit, though; it merely revealed the malicious intent of those who failed to malign a seven year old child.

But I refused the first Extension. Nobody was expecting that. I argued my case well, before a Judge. I soke truth to power, and won. And my son improved. And we got over here, his grades shot up, with wonderful comments, too. All on record. Piles and piles of them, unbeknownst and completely overlooked by a Ministry that refuses to acknowledge the truth despite my providing them with every necessary document, copies of which, and more besides, my lawyer now has.

After their bungling a visit that was supposed to happen Tuesday (they actually brought him to M.C.F.D. on Broadway, telling him he'd see me, without making the necessary arrangements including a specific meeting time, etc.; they just brought him anyway, without telling me. He was therefore sorely disappointed when I didn't show up! Can you imagine?)

In any case, I'll see him today and bring our cat with us, too. We'll have a two-hour sojourn and do what we always do: discuss philosophy (we're both Stoics, though he says he's an Atheist and I'm a rather hopeful Agnostic) tank or aeronautic engineering (my Son knows the name and specifications of every tank and plane since WWII). Our cat will definitely make Michael fell better. We'll also draw a lot and I'll bring some classical music (he likes trance best, though). As Tolstoy said: "Happy families are all alike."

On the topic of quotes, Hitler famously and correctly asserted that "if you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed."

I also recall the more prosaic "Evil flourishes when good people do nothing."

9:53 AM  
Blogger Mark Lydon said...

The record of this Ministry is, by any measure, atrocious. I don't want my little boy become another grim statistic added to the daily toll of children unfairly (could it ever be "fairly"?) marred, scarred - or worse.

I intend to start a defense fund on Kickstarter and also send out an appeal to allow my Son to celebrate his 11th birthday - which is on January 22nd - at home with us. I also intend to sue the Ministry should this go on much longer and in the process get the social workers involved - Heather Stewart, Cory Stancombe and their Team Leader "Yolanda" Something - fired for not dealing with me in "good faith" as all government workers are supposed to; in other words they're not allowed to lie to the public on purpose in a manner that would knowingly harm a member of the public's reputation in any undue way.

With this email I am simply publicizing what is already a public document aired in public court, so I have a right to defend myself and my son in a public manner. Most would not do this, since they really do need Ministry assistance. We don't. This all came about as a misunderstanding over our being "homeless" becoming an opportunity to try and institutionalize us. These people work in secret, apprehend children on hearsay that cannot be cross-examined or even reveled! Children die because of this.

Our story is truly awful, true abuse of government power at its worst, guilty with no evidence, with never a chance - to face your accuser and the person who wants to destroy your child's reputation - in court. I'm sorry, that's not fair, not right and life is all about how we react with knowledge of this sort of thing: what do we do? This isn't a disputed repair bill or bad service - this is an innocent child being demonized.

Now - finally, I've said my piece to the world. Been up all night, gonna go get breakfast, schedule a visit with my son today, then come back and post links to this blog to every social worker, teacher, and politician and media contact I know of. Wish me luck!

9:56 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Here's the original complaint I made against Diane Fownes, which has apparently disappeared form my M.C.F.D. file. Not to worry! I have a copy:

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter of complaint against Diane Fownes, my social worker at the Ministry of Children and Family Development from August 2011 until March 2012. The events described herein fall within this period.

First Meeting
The first time I ever spoke to Diane was when she called me at home and threatened to arrive shortly at the door with the Police. Diane's style was always aggressive, confrontational and adversarial. At a subsequent meeting with her and Diane Rivers at the Ministry in July 2011, without legal representation present, I had barely begun reading the details of the case presented to me before Diane resumed haranguing me, making it necessary for Diane Rivers to tell Diane to be quiet and give me enough time to read what was in front of me. I was astonished at the intensity of everything, Diane's manner was like that of a prosecutor and I was treated as if I had committed some heinous crime. I was also struck by her appearance: the intense glaring eyes, her hairstyle, the restlessly tapping pencil. Barking commands and making accusations seemed to excite Diane and she became more animated and agitated as the meeting went on.

I was nonetheless able to answer all the questions posited to me. When I asked the reason for Ministry involvement, a single, ticked box on the first page of the document was indicated; it said the Ministry claimed "the child is emotionally harmed by the parent's conduct." When I asked for a clarification as to what specific harm and what conduct, both Dianes refused to elaborate, their impatience and exasperation implying the question was unreasonable.   

Indeed, Michael and I both suffered emotionally following the unexpected death of my wife and his mother when Michael was just 22 months old, in Bangkok, Thailand where Michael was born on Oct. 22, 2004. Even though my wife and I tested HIV-negative when she was pregnant, and Michael and I remain HIV-negative to this day, she somehow developed and died of HIV/AIDS within two years of Michael's birth and was denied access to anti-retroviral therapy under highly suspicious circumstances. I tried to explain to Diane that Michael's behavioural issues originated at this time; however when I elaborated at that first meeting on the circumstances of my wife's death from HIV/AIDS, she looked at me with a grimace of disgust. When I later sent Diane some photos and videos of my wife when she had been alive, including one of her ill in the hospital, so that she might gain some empathy and insight into what we had been through, she would report to the Family Case Conference on March 13th that she found the baby pictures of Michael and family videos of my late wife "disturbing."

I had had a couple of calls previously from the Ministry concerning my son's behaviour at school and daycare over the previous three years. I had been able to explain satisfactorily the situation, including my organizing the involvement of outside agencies like the Queen Alexandra Foundation for an extra support worker at Michael's (Fairfield Community Center) daycare and the Victoria Child & Youth Mental Health center for counseling with a child psychologist and as a prerequisite for extra funding for an Educational Assistant for Michael's Grade One Sir James Douglas class and school. Although there had been some ups and downs and continued challenges with Michael's behaviour, my relationship with all the professionals involved in Michael's life at that time was positive and functional.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

By the time of that first meeting with Diane in July 2011 at the Ministry, Michael had had his best summer ever at daycare, and he was still seeing the school-mandated child psychologist, Louise Costello, at Victoria Child & Youth Mental Health, although school was not in session. I had wanted Michael to be able to take a break from the counseling with Louise and take the remainder of the summer off but she had disagreed and called the Ministry without my knowledge. This had led to my first meeting with Diane.

The Wrong Program

On the advice of my lawyer, Jon Stewart, I later agreed to go along with the Supervision Order which went into effect on August 5th, 2011. I had been assured by both Diane Fownes and Diane Rivers and my lawyer that as long as I abided by the criteria of the Supervision Order, my file would expire in five months. I had nothing to hide and wanted to clear the air and cooperate with all concerned, so I agreed.

I soon began what I thought would be family counseling of some sort at Cascadia Counseling. It quickly became apparent that this program, entitled "Violence in the Family," was actually a domestic violence workshop. This would be the first of many misrepresentations from Diane. I am not a violent person and have never had nor want any experience or association with domestic violence and I certainly didn't want to be on record at a government ministry as having received mandatory counseling for it! Every single man at that workshop made it clear when discussing their situations that they were there for one reason: initiating or engaging in violence with another family member. Since I had nothing whatsoever to contribute to the group on this topic, my attending this workshop amounted to a clear invasion of their collective privacy and a smear on my integrity, so I emailed the instructors of the course - Cheryl Adams and Eliot Lowey- and informed them I was in the wrong program. They contacted Diane who then set up a meeting at the Ministry.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Bad Ideas, Missed Opportunities and Broken Promises
By the conclusion of this meeting it was agreed a mistake had been made and I would no longer be attending the "Violence in the Family" workshop. Diane had also wanted to bring my entire immediate family into the Ministry for an Intervention-style confrontation that would have been completely inappropriate and unnecessary and was not stipulated in the Supervision Order. That plan of Diane's was also nixed.

During this meeting I also asked Diane why she hadn't attended a recent very important Integrated Educational Plan (I.E.P.) meeting on Nov. 9th, 2011 at Michael's school, a meeting she was obligated to attend. Present at that meeting were Michael's new Grade Two teacher, the school Principal, the district school counselor and myself. It was a very critical meeting because all contact with the Ministry had arisen as a result of Michael's experience at school. Although Michael was still experiencing day-to-day challenges, everyone agreed he had greatly improved and was on the right track; this was a result of Michael maturing a little and having a teacher who liked and understood him (at the later Family Case Conference, Diane would go so far as to criticize my involvement with and input to that meeting, even though she herself never attended and never witnessed anything that transpired). Diane was startled to have to account for her absence from the I.E.P. meeting; she stammered something about being too busy and indicated her files. Diane always had ready excuses for her own mistakes and omissions.

Finally I asked Diane directly when my one-on-one counseling at Cascadia would start, since Cheryl Adams, the counselor who would be doing it with me, was in the room at the time. Diane claimed she had already put that process into motion but Eliot emphatically disputed this, indicated Cascadia had as yet received nothing from Diane in that regard.

Regrettably, weeks after this meeting, with Diane now on a six-week Hawaiian vacation and out of contact, the one-on-one counseling sessions had still not begun; neither had my CNEX family counseling sessions, the only other counseling I was required to do. Worried I might not be fulfilling the terms of the Supervision Order, on the advice of my lawyer Jon Stewart I called the Ministry myself and with the help of a very friendly and understanding social worker named Jody was able to file requests for both workshops. As Jody was able to confirm, nothing had been done. Completely contrary to what she had assured everyone at the meeting, Diane had not done anything to get the counseling started and had simply left on vacation without delegating it to someone else. Diane was content to simply not do her job while assuring all concerned she was, and she did not care how this affected me or the outside agencies engaged on my behalf.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Incredibly, I, the client, had to book my own counseling at the Ministry! And it wouldn't be the last time.

I ultimately did not start either the counseling or CNEX until almost four months after starting a five-month Supervision Order in August of 2011. At that point I wondered if Diane's real motivation was to drag things out as long as possible in an effort to extend control of Michael and I further into the future in order to more thoroughly institutionalize us. It was a chilling thought. It reminded me of when Diane demanded to know in our first meeting at the Ministry why Michael wasn't "on drugs." Without even having met my child she had insisted he be medicated - something my family doctor and I already knew to be unnecessary - and toward that end prepared documents he be examined by a doctor for just that purpose.

Rather than work with us, Diane seemed intent on hindering our progress as a way of building a case against us; it was like a predator-prey relationship. Nothing I said as a parent ever had any merit for social worker Diane Fownes. This had initially caused me considerable anxiety, and I tried to be conciliatory with Diane, sending her a few friendly emails to that effect to try and build a relationship with her. However as her mistakes and incompetence and unsettling behaviour continued I realized that I could ultimately challenge her in front of a judge, which I did at the Family Case Conference on March 13th. Because I could no longer trust anything Diane said and owing to her confrontational manner in person, I eventually refused to see Diane without my lawyer present; in return she would often take more than a week to return his calls. I sometimes did not hear from Diane for several weeks.

No Home Visit
Another instance of things not getting done involved a promised "home visit," where someone from the Ministry would visit us at home. Surely if things were as dire for Michael and I as Diane alleged, one would have thought a visit from the Ministry would have happened as soon as possible.

No-one ever came.

I even reminded Diane about this at a later meeting with my lawyer present. Weeks past and nothing happened. Eventually, in late March of 2012, I was able to arrange a home visit myself, with my new social worker David Murphy. My taking responsibility for things that clearly fell under Diane's job description had become routine by then.

11:02 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Scaring and Denigrating My Son
Diane actually did visit Michael at school once, and did something that no other person has ever done. According to his frightened account, she took him into the Principal's office - synonymous with being in trouble from Michael's experience - and after asking him about home and school, proceeded with a line of questioning that included, according to Michael (and I don't think a 7-year old would make this up): "where's your mother, Michael?" to which he replied: "she died." Michael told me she then asked him: "What did she die of? How did she die?" to which he was forced to answer: "HIV."

No-one has ever felt obliged or compelled to discuss that with Michael, and I don't discuss the circumstances of my late-wife's death with my son, either. I have cautioned Michael about discussing with schoolmates or others the infection his mother died from, due to the fear surrounding HIV/AIDS. Hence Michael was also worried and upset he'd said the said the wrong thing. 

It was a very mean and cruel thing to do to a little boy, and for what purpose? What was to be gained by interrogating and upsetting a 7-year old in order to extract morbid details – details I had made sure Diane was already aware of - surrounding the death of his mother? Later that day Diane phoned to tell me she had visited Michael at school and that everything was "fine." She neglected to mention forcing Michael to talk about how his mother died.

All of this fell into a clear and consistent pattern of showing no compassion or empathy towards Michael and denigrating him whenever the opportunity presented itself. For instance, Diane would later claim during the Family Case Conference, without any documentation whatsoever, that Michael had recently been violent, or words to that effect, although she didn’t elaborate on the context. Diane never showed any real insight into or interest in Michael whatsoever. She disputed his being bright, saying she found him "passive" and "average." She either ignored or had no interest in positive reports from Michael's doctors or his last therapist. Diane also ignored other people who might give positive reports, such as my babysitter, who called Diane back three times in August of 2011, never to receive a response.

11:03 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Ignoring the Advice of Other Professionals
By the time I finally started the CNEX program at the Burnside-Gorge Community Center there was only a month left in the Supervision Order. Therefore in January, 2012, Diane extended the Supervision Order (as she had probably always intended) which now was necessary in order that I might finish what had inexplicably started so late. Diane claimed, however, that she had extended the Supervision Order because she thought Michael was still "at risk," although she has never defined that risk. Neither was she ever able to elucidate or identify my shortcomings as a parent or concerns about our home life despite her original claim that “the child is emotionally harmed by the parent’s conduct.” Furthermore, I have never been arrested, do not have a criminal record, am not abusive in any way and am not addicted to any substance.

Eventually I successfully finished the Positive Parenting Program at CNEX; my counselor, Shaun Devore, told me candidly she had no concerns about me as a parent. Shaun had visited my home and Michael and I had also spent time with her at her office at the Burnside-Gorge Community Center. She also told me she had reported this and other aspects of my progress to Diane who never acknowledged any of this, and insisted I continue doing the program, once again completely disregarding the advice of the very professionals she had demanded be consulted in the first place. Since she never stipulated how long yet another program might take, this would have necessitated yet another extension to the Supervision Order, likely her real goal.

Ignoring the advice of Ministry-appointed professionals also happened on two other occasions.

As part of the Supervision Order, Michael was to be examined by my family doctor Dr. Coetze and a local pediatrician Dr. Cassie. After examining him, both subsequently agreed, the latter in writing, that Michael was a healthy, normal child whose inability to sometimes pay attention in class was probably due to his keen intelligence. Diane disputed all of this and I was instructed to schedule another appointment with yet another pediatrician, this time a Head Pediatrician, Dr. Kent, who, after examining Michael himself concurred completely with the first two doctors, adding in his report he considered Michael to be a "gifted" child, and certainly not in need of medication.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

Then, following the retirement of Michael's original psychologist at the end of 2011, Michael received a new therapist, Chantelle Whittey, at Victoria Child & Youth Mental Health in January, 2012. Within two sessions she deemed Michael not in need of further therapy, something Diane found "confusing" at the March 13th Family Case Conference. Ominously, it was clear, that after all this time, and despite our receiving virtually unanimous support from all involved professionals, Diane's continued dark and bleak assessment of Michael and I had not changed meaningfully in seven months and she continued to claim that as a parent I was ignoring the advice of professionals and was downplaying the seriousness of my son’s predicament. Ultimately, it was Diane who would consistently ignore the advice of professionals involved and grossly exaggerate my son’s circumstances in a misguided attempt to build a stronger case against us. Throughout her handling of this case, Diane had many opportunities to reassess the situation in a fair and accurate manner but she never did so. Things would only be as she saw them; there were no grey areas. Her approach was monolithic and myopic.

Mistruths and Misrepresentation at the Family Case Conference
I chose to oppose the extension of the Supervision Order because I wanted to know definitively when my involvement with the Ministry would end. By the time the Family Case Conference was held on March 13, there was still, incredibly, more unsubstantiated misrepresentations to be coming from Diane.

11:04 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

First she stated to the judge that my counselor at Cascadia, Cheryl, had informed her that I had received a low score of "5.2/10" for my counseling (whatever that meant) and that Cheryl thought Michael was still "at risk" (Diane had now shifted to claiming others had said this, thereby alleviating her of the necessity of defining it). When I asked Cheryl about this later at the last of our counseling sessions (all of which went very well and was very helpful to me) she was completely surprised, and had no idea what the fraction "5.2/10" even meant; as for "risk" to Michael, she informed me she had previously told Diane she was not qualified to make that assessment because she had never met Michael in the first place.

Diane, sitting next to her lawyer, had no response to this. She also had no response when I pointed out her criticism of my input to the I.E.P. meeting was nonsensical given the fact she never attended the meeting herself. Her fresh claims of Michael being violent was news to me and not supported with any documentation, as was nothing else she said at the Family Case Conference. It was if she had floated out a few mistruths, and, having been caught out, recoiled.

The Family Case Conference concluded with the Ministry agreeing to end the Supervision Order by April 30th and excluding Diane from any further CNEX decisions (she was literally written out of the Supervision Order). As soon as the judge left the room, however, Diane immediately insisted that a "transition meeting" be organized for her benefit, with myself, Linda Ferris from CNEX, David Murphy my new social worker and herself, of course, presiding. A few months previous to this I had received a letter from Tamara Leonard-Vail from the Ministry's Quality Assurance Support Team, who wanted details from my case. After completing a detailed survey and recounting my experiences, I heard later from my lawyer that Diane had been taken off the case. Therefore, since Diane was no longer my social worker and was not part of the Supervision Order and was specifically excluded from my involvement with CNEX, it was highly inappropriate for her to be ordering and choreographing another meeting, especially once the judge was absent.

11:07 AM  
Blogger Invincible Joy said...

I instead arranged a very pleasant and productive meeting with David Murphy and Linda Ferris and we finalized CNEX easily and amicably over coffee. I also at that time arranged for David to visit Michael and I at home, thereby accomplishing the long-awaited Ministry home visit.


Things Diane Failed To Do

Diane Fownes:
failed to acknowledge and accept the input of three doctors, one counselor and one therapist
failed to arrange one-one-one counseling at Cascadia in a timely and professional manner
failed to arrange CNEX counseling in a timely and professional manner
failed to account for or explain why said counseling was never arranged
failed to ever define how my son was “at risk” despite using this as a reason to extend the Supervision Order
failed to attend a critically-important I.E.P. meeting that she was obliged to attend at Michael's school
failed to arrange a Ministry home visit
failed to keep in contact with me on a regular basis
failed to return phone calls to my lawyer in a timely manner

Things Diane Did Not Do Correctly
Diane Fownes:
enrolled me in an inappropriate program ("Violence in the Family")
was demonstrably and routinely untruthful and misrepresented the statements of others, on one occasion in front of a judge
inappropriately insisted my son be medicated
intimidated my son in person and falsely denigrated his character to others


The judge in the Family Case Conference diplomatically referred to this case as being "unusual" for how "bureaucratic" it was, but Diane's interaction with Michael and I, as a representative of the Ministry, was not just mean-spirited, heavy-handed or sub-standard, it was reckless. If Diane had simply been a little nicer, shown a little more compassion, listened to other professionals and been more professional herself, many needless problems and delays could have been averted. But that's asking Diane not to be Diane. People like her do what they do because they can, because they have power and because the families affected are in too much crisis or are too intimidated to speak up. It is truly absurd how long and how detailed this complaint has had to be. One has to wonder: did Diane do anything right in this case?
Professional competence aside, it was Diane's character and demeanor that I found most alarming. She displays a lack of empathy toward those under her care and a consistent willingness to misrepresent and be deceitful. Diane is a bully. She is highly confrontational and adversarial, with a need to win and a need for control. She disregards any view that conflicts with her own and is completely focused on herself and her own agenda. She is willing to be manipulative and Machiavellian in order to subjugate others she deems vulnerable. I suspect she might intentionally set up her clients to fail (in my case with inappropriate or delayed programs) as a way of putting stress on them and ultimately gaining more control over them. She might also delay implementing programs in order to allow more time for control and institutionalization.

Is this how the Ministry is supposed to operate?

All of the people I met during this life-changing experience were knowledgeable, helpful, sympathetic, friendly, and highly professional. Except Diane. On the contrary, she displays all the defining characteristics of psychopathy, making her personality type dubious to the ethos of social work and the responsibility and power the Ministry has entrusted in her.


Mark Lydon

This complaint is already an uncontested matter of public record, filed through my M.L.A. at the time, Carole James, who wrote me a letter acknowledging and forwarding to Diane's Superiors. who to my knowledge did nothing and openly disparaged my claims. They're welcome to disclaim them now.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Cori McCullough said...

My son has been removed almost three months ago. I have absolutely no information from anyone in the ministry on any details for the removal, and only get a few comments here or there of what they think is wrong with me. They hardly ever get back to me, they refuse to return my calls they refuse to answer my questions, they refuse to explain their actions and statements, and they use excuses such as busy or whatever else they can come up with. My son is now on formula, despite the agreement to NOT put him on formula. I have not seen any documents on my so called allegation file either. I was continuously harassed by a social worker at the surrey memorial hospital despite my clear statement of not having any intention of letting them dig into my personal life, which they refused to accept let alone respect, and turned around on me by making sure that they had my son removed from me. The other social worker commented on my statement that, if i needed support or had any questions or concerns i would approach them that 'i will come and see you on a daily basis anyways' with a snotty disrespectful look on her face.
I fear that my son will estrange from me and that their purposeful stagnant attitude and behavior will cause my son life long damage.

4:27 PM  
Blogger hockeygab said...

The reason MCFD acts as though they are not concerned about liability is because they aren't and that is the fault of the courts in BC. It is a fault because no government are allowed to act in bad faith to anyone. As long as the ministry is complying with the good faith exercise of their statutory duties, they are exempt from liability but only where there is a child legitimately in need of protection. This is the only legal argument for anytime you believe the ministry is acting improperly. For more info contact me at 'emailrobharrion@yahoo.ca'.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Grateful to know I'm not alone I tried to write out what I wanted but it refused to post it so blunt form is ministry has to be stopped in my situation I'm the first woman in BC history to apply to a judge for a court order to be allowed to breastfeed her child the three reasons they gave me for keeping my daughter you smoke 5 cigarettes a day outside on your deck which I had went from a full package of a Down to 5 a day, I quit smoking marijuana wich i was medically supposed to use due to a small but not life changing brain injury and because I fed her yogurt at 10 months old yet health units tell you between 9 and 12 months to start feeding the full dairy oh my favorite did you know that somebody's house can be clean to raise a child in

11:29 AM  
Blogger angery parent said...

Another reason they gave because of your upbringing so I threw that and I said pretty said you're bashing your own department did you the idiots that raised me she put an end to that meeting phone the RCMP and tried to have me charge with verbal assault suck it up bitch into my freaking ear do you think there any charges when I made the complaint

11:31 AM  
Blogger Corinne McCullough said...

My son wqas taken from me right out of he hospital eqhen he wqas 2 months old for the most stupid reasons, he isa a,most a year noe and they are still harassing me and slandering me.

10:48 AM  
Blogger David Linge said...

The MCFD should be ashamed of all the lives they have destroyed. I have a degenerative bone disease that is very painful. I have been to my family doctor to see what can be done about my severe pain. I cannot stand for more than 5 minutes without being in excruciating pain. The doctor would not even prescribe an aspirin to treat my pain. Stupidly, I said that "I've heard heroin is a great pain reliever". My Dr. freaked out when I said that, and wanted to prescribe Fentanyl. I would not accept the prescription due to it's dangerous and addictive qualities. A while later, 2 MCFD workers turned up at my door and wanted to come in and "interrogate" me. I tried to refuse, but they threatened to call the RCMP. I succumbed and let them in. What a mistake! They grilled me for about an hour. They said they were removing my son because I am a heroin addict! I offered to pee in a cup on the spot for them to test, but they didn't take me up on my offer. I tried to get an independant drug test done. I am on a disability pension, and it would have cost my month's food money, so I could not take it. Then, they asked if I drank. I told them the truth that I may go to my friends a few times a year for 2-3 beers. They were writing all I said down, however, it was all lies. The report they gave said I was a major heroin addict that drank 12 beers a day! After our rent and bills, there is no way I could afford beer-let alone heroin. So, my son is gone, and I am branded an alcoholic/drug addict. Legal aid only covers simple family law. They would not pay for pain specialists to testify on my behalf in court. I am very sad and upset by this abuse of power, and their ability to be able to concoct/embellish horrible stories about me. I want my son back, but without a fat wallet, I am SOL.

3:33 PM  
Blogger Once upon a time Mom.... said...

I can never get back what MCFD took from me. I was a wife and a mom of 3 children. Today I am a Widow who has not seen or spoken to her children in 3 yrs. MCFD removed my children and placed them with family. After placing 2 of my children with family they forgot about them. My daughter accused her caretaker of sexual assault. She just wanted to come home and had no one to listen to her. When the accusations came out. The RCMP removed her and notified MCFD of the removal and pending charges. My son stayed in the home for another 3 yrs. Even though MCFD received calls about the charges. They did nothing. The home that my children where in was my parents home. At the same time we found out that my mom had stage 4 lung cancer. So while my dad was in court fighting some serious charges my mom was realizing her fight with cancer had been lost. My son stuck in the middle of all this chaos. I went back to court and was given back custody of my 2 children now aged 14 and 17. My children never came back into my care. And a judge found MCFD grossly negligent. After court they tried to intervene and have my son put on idependant living. Rather then help me bring him home. My dad went to jail for 1yr minus a day for something he didnt do. The same time my mom passed away. Already dealing with so much. My ex and my dad alienated my children from me.I went to get my son because I had legal custody and had an order stating police could enter anywhere i thought him to be and apprehend him and bring him to me. The RCMP ending up phoning MCFD on me saying i was trying to force him to come with me and hes old enough to decide. I went home without my son that was Feb 23/2013 The last time I saw or talked to him. In 2014 their dad passed away. My children have never received anything from MCFD no counseling no assistance nothing. And now our family is gone forever. I just wanted a chance to be a mom again. I thought I would have that chance when i was given custody back. WHich seldom happens against MCFD. But nobody cared and i became a target with proof.

2:21 AM  
Blogger Once upon a time Mom.... said...

I already have proof of MCFDs negligence in a 10 page decision the judge handed down.
But i guess thats not enough because I cant find legal counsel willing to take my case.

2:26 AM  
Blogger David Linge said...

I feel your pain Once upon a time Mom. My son who was removed because I said I drank a few beers a few times a year turned 17. He wanted to come home. I too got a 6 page decision. The MCFD warped what I said into "Mr. _____ drinks at least 12 beers a day, starting the minute he wakes up". Helloooo, I'm on a small disability pension. After all the bills are paid, I'm left with $46 for food for the month. I cannot understand how a govt. agency can get away with lying under oath, and destroy families. Do they get a bonus for every kid they remove? Darn, do I wish I would have had a hidden camera when they dropped over unannounced. Keeping us in poverty is one major way they keep us down. I too could not get legal aid as they would not pay the $1000 for a Dr. to testify on my behalf in court. All the people who have had their lives ruined by MCFD should demand a class-action lawsuit against the MCFD...oh wait, they are immune from prosecution. I'm sorry to hear your extremely sad story. My heart goes out to you...

7:00 PM  
Blogger Macbackwards said...

amanda dalton (case worker) CFS high river failure to report the molestation of my child in foster care, extrorsion, slander, negligence

shauna asslestein (team leader) failure to report abuse, conspiracy, using illegle means to obtain criminal record checks.

sandra and donald colman- the foster family thats still running where my child was staying when he told us "preston makes me pull down his pants and lick his bum"

amanda dalton did a bogus investigation and in the end we lost visitation for complaining.

12:23 AM  
Blogger Macbackwards said...

get the ombudsman on the phone, go to the police and press charges. when they laugh at you let them talk to the ombusman.

12:25 AM  
Blogger Cindy Hernandez said...


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Blogger Kary1313 said...

We should all get together and find a way to sue the ministry because each and everyone has a similar story related to abuse of power.
If you truly want them to pay then lets start here and begin by getting together. I have a lawyer who would be willing to help us out if we all got together and made them pay. Please email me if you want to do something about these god dam power tripping, lifeless soles. My email is karybrar2213@gmail.com, please remember that "All it takes for evil to triumph is, for good people to do nothing". Like a fist made by 5 fingers which is much more powerful then a single finger, we together can be strong and stop feeling helpless.
Thank you for your time.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Kary1313 said...

We should all get together and find a way to sue the ministry because each and everyone has a similar story related to abuse of power.
If you truly want them to pay then lets start here and begin by getting together. I have a lawyer who would be willing to help us out if we all got together and made them pay. Please email me if you want to do something about these god dam power tripping, lifeless soles. My email is karybrar2213@gmail.com, please remember that "All it takes for evil to triumph is, for good people to do nothing". Like a fist made by 5 fingers which is much more powerful then a single finger, we together can be strong and stop feeling helpless.
Thank you for your time.

4:24 PM  
Blogger Kary1313 said...

We should all get together and find a way to sue the ministry because each and everyone has a similar story related to abuse of power.
If you truly want them to pay then lets start here and begin by getting together. I have a lawyer who would be willing to help us out if we all got together and made them pay. Please email me if you want to do something about these god dam power tripping, lifeless soles. My email is karybrar2213@gmail.com, please remember that "All it takes for evil to triumph is, for good people to do nothing". Like a fist made by 5 fingers which is much more powerful then a single finger, we together can be strong and stop feeling helpless.
Thank you for your time.

4:24 PM  

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